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Shaker Kitchen Design- KG oak agate grey 1 - Pronorm - Three River Kitchens Chelmsford (1)
Handleless Kitchen Design - VU Nero Chalet Y-VA Galvano Portland 1 - Pronorm - Three River


If you wish to achieve the ultimate in simple, clean elegance and modernity in your kitchen, the most obvious choice is to take a turn to the minimal, elegant and functional world of Handleless kitchens. 


With a handleless kitchen, it really isn’t as simple as just not having handles! 


To achieve a functional handleless design, the furniture itself should be specifically designed with no handles in mind, considering the additional ergonomic issues at hand and giving thought to the myriad options for a handle groove throughout a modern kitchen, especially with regard to appliances and heavier unit styles.

Pronorm has spent years developing and perfecting the handleless kitchen and their two options, X-Line & Y-Line are the best examples on the market today. 


With more physical space in the units, more intentional ergonomics and a really enjoyable, functional opening operations, these two ranges offer a huge array of design possibilities whilst retaining that elegant, handleless look as one would expect. 


Special care should be taken when designing a handleless kitchen but, if that care is taken, it can bring to life a truly graceful, modern and functional space without a handle in sight!

Handleless Kitchen Design - Y-VA Terrazzo gold brown Y-VU sherwood dark brown 1 - Pronorm
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