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Your Kitchen Design Process

At Three River Kitchens, we aim to make the process of designing and installing your new dream kitchen design as painless as possible. Here’s how the average customers process would work.


Initial Discussion

Normally we would want to meet you here in our Chelmsford showroom at the start of the process so that we can introduce you to our beautiful furniture from Pronorm, explain some key concepts of kitchen design and, most importantly, get to know you and what you want. We will go through some key questions, take down an initial outline of your desired design and then book you in so that we can visit your existing space (or work from plans of course) and measure up in detail ready to layout out your initial design. 

Initial Design Consultation

Once drawn up, we would meet with you here in our showroom to go through our initial design and start to choose finishes and products in more detail. It may be that we get it 100% right first time but, more often than not, we will make changes, come up with new ideas and slowly refine the design during this meeting until it’s perfect. We will also go through initial costs at this stage so that we can make sure that the design works for your budget and keep you absolutely clear on what its all going to cost you at every stage. 

Perspective 5.jpg
Handleless Kitchen Design - Y-OS organic stratus grey ER Ancient oak carmine red 7 - Prono

Second (Possibly third, fourth and fifth…) Design Consultation

Now that we know what’s what, we should be able to finalise the design with you and start getting things ordered but it’s not always the case that this is achieved in just one meeting! We want to make sure everything is exactly how you want it and sometimes that can take time. We will help you through those choices and make sure very element aligns for you before moving forward with no pressure and no stress.  


Once you are happy with the design and quotation, we will take a deposit (In line with the KBSA) and get everything on order for you. As we receive confirmations and clear delivery timeframes, we will update you so that we can start booking in any trades that we need on site, the delivery and installation schedule and help you to plan around the installation experience.  

Modern Kitchen Design - TU Havana black  VU Sherwood dark Brown 5 - Pronorm - Three River
Modern Kitchen Design - Y-OS organic stratus grey ER Ancient oak black 1 - Pronorm - Three


Every room is different and so is every installation, but we will make sure you know our planned schedule, who will be on site and when as well as helping to (hopefully) take some of the stress out of your installation. Our professional teams will be there doing what they do best, but we will be here to help if you have questions or worries (it’s a big thing to be getting your dream kitchen installed – Worries are perfectly normal!) and help keep the process smooth and pain-free.  

If you have your own installers or will be installing your kitchen yourself, we are happy to give you as much help as you need before you start installation. 

Finishing your dream kitchen

Once the job is finished, we will meet you on site to make sure you are happy, check that the installation meets outer standards and then leave you to start enjoying your new, beautifully designed, and installed kitchen.  

Shaker Kitchen Design - KL Oak white 1 - Pronorm - Three River Kitchens Chelmsford.jpg
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