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Realised Dreams: Our Customer Kitchens

Our journey with every client begins with a vision, evolves with collaborative design, and culminates in a space that is as functional as it is beautiful.


Each kitchen we design is a testament to our commitment to quality, creativity, and attentive customer service.

In this section, we proudly showcase a variety of kitchens we’ve had the privilege of designing alongside our cherished clients. From the sleek lines of modern aesthetics to the warm embrace of classical themes, these images reflect not just the versatility and skill of our design team, but the unique tastes and personalities of the homeowners we serve.

Explore the images below to see how we’ve translated the diverse aspirations of our clients into tangible, delightful kitchen spaces. Each image tells a story of a dream realised, a space transformed, and a customer delighted. And as you browse through these pages, we hope you’ll find inspiration for your own kitchen journey, and see the potential that awaits when you choose to embark on this creative venture with Three River Kitchens.

We invite you to relish in the beauty of these functional, stylish, and lovingly-crafted kitchens, and envision what we can co-create with you.

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Gallery

A modern kitchen can be a lot of things; From a pure, utilitarian, or minimalist design eschewing all detailing and ornamentation, to a clean but fun space full of the ornaments of our lives (neatly arranged of course!). 

In broad terms, a modern design will normally incorporate simple, slab doors with a sense of simplicity of form, proportionality and style avoiding fussiness, complex detailing and complexity.


It might be strictly monotone or full of bright colours and textures but is usually done so with a sense of control and balance fitting with today’s modern design sensibilities. 


With our Pronorm furniture, modern kitchens of every possible style are achievable with an almost endless array of options and combinations. 

Modern Kitchen Design

Shaker & Classical Kitchen Gallery

A classical or traditional kitchen (either in keeping with the age of a property or directly reflecting a particular style or character of heritage design)  can be mean a broad range of things to a broad range of people. 


It may be a beautifully fussy and detailed homage to the victorian decorative kitchen, a statement room full of Edwardian elegance or a modern design referencing the construction and detailing of the middle ages but in all cases, the design must be carefully thought through to avoid pastiche or parody. 


We also get asked about Shaker kitchen designs too and that covers a wide range of styles and design choices in itself! A Shaker door is simply a style of door front that has a simple outer frame with an inner flat panel and is so popular because it is flexible, clean and complimentary to a huge array of overall room styles.  Its balance of craftsmanship, simplicity and a subtle sense of detailing has made Shaker-style furniture one of those styles that is never out of fashion!


It is important, in most cases, to also not ignore the advancements of the now, rather it is to take those key elements of heritage design and apply them in a way that keeps them fresh and enhances their appeal. So with a classically styled kitchen design from Three River Kitchens, we will take your design preferences and create a perfectly styled space true to the character you desire, with all of the modern conveniences you could possibly wish for, hidden behind the room’s classical facade.