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These days, kitchen designs don’t easily fall into neat little categories but below we have tried to outline a few key definitions to help guide you, bring you inspiration and steer the design in the right direction. 

Handleless Kitchen Design - X-OS organic platinum titanium  EE open grain oak black 1 - Pr


A modern kitchen can be a lot of things; From a pure, utilitarian, or minimalist design eschewing all detailing and ornamentation, to a clean but fun space full of the ornaments of our lives. 

In broad terms, a modern design will normally incorporate simple, slab doors with a sense of simplicity of form, proportionality and style.


It might be strictly monotone or full of bright colours and textures, but usually done so with a sense of control and balance fitting with today’s modern design sensibilities. 


With our Pronorm furniture, modern kitchens of every possible style are achievable with an almost endless array of options and combinations. 


A classical or traditional kitchen is usually one that is either in keeping with the age of a property or directly reflects a particular style or character of heritage design whilst still retaining elements of modern design and function within. 


We often will get asked about Shaker kitchen designs too and that covers a wide range of styles and design choices in itself! A Shaker door is simply a style of door front that has an outer frame (gaining its name from the 18th-century religious movement) and is so popular because it is flexible, clean and complimentary to a huge array of overall room styles.  Its gentle balance of craftsmanship, simplicity and a subtle sense of decorative detailing has made Shaker-style furniture one of those styles that is never out of fashion!


To echo the designs of the past is not to ignore the advancements of the now, rather it is to take those key elements of heritage design and apply them in a way that keeps them fresh and enhances their appeal. So it is with a classically styled kitchen design from Three River Kitchens: We will take your design preferences (be it a Shaker door style or something more complex, with raised and fielded doors and abundant, luxuriant detailing) and create a perfectly styled space true to the character you desire, with all of the modern conveniences you could possibly wish for, hidden behind the room’s heritage façade.

Shaker Kitchen Design - KL Oak white 1 - Pronorm - Three River Kitchens Chelmsford.jpg
Handleless Kitchen Design - Y-LH gloss white 1 - Pronorm - Three River Kitchens Chelmsford


The modern, handleless kitchen has come a long way in the past 60 years and become a staple design concept in modern kitchen design!


With Pronorm’s superb X-Line & Y-Line handleless styles, we are able to incorporate this most functional and aesthetically pleasing style of furniture into almost any space.

The Y-Line range offers ergonomic, variability and flexibility in the planning with a sleek, elegant handle trim integrated into the fascias and available in Aluminium or Anodised black finishes. The handle rail behind is available in a full range of front finishes to complement or contrast with the furniture doors. 


The X-Line range is an incredibly flexible approach to a fully handleless design that flows with a gently curved C-shaped profile available in 10 colours and allows convenient access to the door across the full kitchen design. This gives a flowing, consistent look to the kitchen. 


We can run the handle line vertically where appropriate, integrate the handle line into appliance spaces, illuminate the handle profile itself and achieve an incredible array of styles and characters with these very complete ranges. 


Whether you are looking for the ultimate in minimal grace, a colourful and exciting room full of clean lines and cool ideas, or a kitchen that looks as if it was moulded into the room space,  our handleless kitchens are truly remarkable.


So often in this country, if we are lucky enough to have the space for a functioning Utility Room, it becomes a bit of an overlooked adjunct to the new kitchen, often with old furniture cobbled together to fit. 


Whilst that is perfectly appropriate if you are on a tight budget, we are keen to stress that Utility Rooms can be beautiful too, and packed full of clever ideas to bring their form and function to the highest level. 


From elevated washing machines with shelves for loading and unloading, to cleverly designed pull-out storage solutions for all that can be thrown into a utility room, we can achieve something you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family. 

Utility Room Design -X-TU platinum grey  VU Urban walnut 7 - Three River Kitchens Chelmsfo


Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional kitchen design with Pronorm's captivating kitchen showroom virtual tour. As a trusted name in the industry, Pronorm has built a reputation for innovation, quality, and unparalleled service. Their diverse range of product lines offers unmatched flexibility and value, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect solution for their unique needs and preferences. From ergonomic kitchen designs that prioritize functionality to stunning aesthetics that seamlessly blend with any style, Pronorm's kitchens are a testament to their commitment to individuality and excellence. Step into their virtual showroom and experience the future of kitchen design firsthand. Discover the possibilities that await you with Pronorm kitchens at Three River Kitchens.

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