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Modern Kitchen Design - Y-OS organic stratus grey ER Ancient oak black 3 - Pronorm - Three


What makes a modern kitchen, well, modern? 


It’s a hard question to answer since there really is no hard and fast definition. 


From minimalism to mid-century warmth and through ergonomic adherence and post-modern extravagance, we find ourselves in the modern era of design and these broad, complex and contradictory styles all feed into what we consider a ‘Modern’ design aesthetic. 


The actual Modernist movement was all about form following function, a turn away from ornamental, fussy design ideas and a leaning toward minimalistic styling but then that’s only a part of what drives our modern understanding of modern. 

Modern Kitchen Design

For us, modern kitchen design can be narrowed down to a few simple concepts that should drive the design towards its final form: 


Simple, clean styling. 

Flat doors, handleless designs, clean, unfussy detailing and a structural simplicity are key. 


Form follows function. 

All the decisions in the design process should be following this core concept with every choice made being for a functional reason. Nothing should be in the design purely without a good reason for it to be there. 


Bold, decisive lines. 

There should be an understanding of proportionality and scale to the design with clear lines of sight and a sense of balance.

Modern Kitchen Design - Y-OS organic black matt  MP walnut ultra matt 1 - Pronorm - Three
Modern Kitchen Design - TU Havana black  VU Sherwood dark Brown 1 - Pronorm - Three River

The best technology. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean an abundance of superfluous tech but more about leveraging the best technology (in fittings, lighting, appliances or anything else) to make sure that your requirements are catered for with products that enhance your quality of life and minimise your wasted effort in the kitchen. 



The very core of our modern sense of design is an eccentric and eclectic combination of all that has gone before; want to be modern but bold and daring with a flash of striking colour? Feel the calm of total minimalism but want to break it up with a fantastical worktop choice full of bold natural shapes and colours? Anything and everything, if its follow the tenets above, can be brought into life to suit your style and needs. 

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