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Fiskars Norden knives are made from premium materials. Norden Filleting knife has a long and flexible blade.  The premium quality blade is made of high-performing, high carbon German steel, which ensures superior performance and long-lasting sharpness. Excellent sharpness is further enforced by the optimal 26˚ sharpening angle. The knife handle is crafted from heat treated birchwood, making the knife both very comfortable and naturally beautiful. Blade hardness HRC 56. Hand washing recommended. Made in Finland.


  • The long flexible blade is ideal for filleting fish.
  • High-performing German steel
  • Handle from heat treated birchwood
  • Blade hardness HRC 56
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Made in Finland

Fiskars Norden filleting knife

SKU: 1026423
VAT Included
Items expected into the showroom within two weeks of pre-order.
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