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Modern Kitchen Design at Three River Kitchens

Modern Kitchens by Three River Kitchens

When it comes to designing the modern kitchen of your dreams, it's important to consider form and function but also style. The kitchen is, after all, the heart of the home and it should be a space that reflects your personal styles and tastes.

Pronorm is a leading German kitchen manufacturer known for their sleek and sophisticated designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and innovative features but, in particular, their modern styling.

A modern kitchen should be a place where you feel comfortable and inspired to cook and entertain, but it should also be functional, practical and efficient and that is all down to having a professional kitchens and interiors designer who can design a kitchen for you.

Here are a few reasons we feel a modern design can be an excellent choice for your home:

1. Timeless Design

A modern kitchen design is very different to a fashionable design – Being modern is much more about understanding the last 50 or 60 years of design influences and being able to apply them in a way that fits your tastes and requirements. You can choose from a range of finishes, including natural woods, high-gloss lacquer, and super matte finishes, to create a look that's uniquely yours and still utterly modern.

2. Maximum Storage

Of serious importance and especially challenging in a modern design is the maximising of storage. Most commonly, modern designs will eschew the “Cabinets everywhere” approach more commonly seen in a traditional kitchen and instead try to maximise storage by making maximum use of your cabinet interiors, modern fitments and fittings and clever storage solutions.

From pull-out larders and pantries to deep drawers, planero pull-outs, automatic opening and clever corner solutions, a good kitchen designer working with an exceptional furniture product will gain you maximum storage without sacrificing modern style and simplicity of form.

3. Flexibility & Customization

One of the best things about a modern kitchen is the flexibility to customize it to your exact specifications across a broad range of styles and finishes. Whether you have a small kitchen with limited space or a large open-plan kitchen that needs to be divided into zones, a good designer will have the solution for you. Choose from a range of sizes, configurations, and accessories to create a modern kitchen design that perfectly suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

4. Latest Technology

At Three River Kitchens, we like to always be at the forefront of kitchen technology, with innovative features like LED lighting, touch-activated cabinetry, and furniture fittings that make life easier and more convenient. From multi-panel folding doors to boiling water taps and wireless charging points, every aspect of our modern technological world can be incorporated, appreciated, and accommodated in your kitchen design.

5. Sustainable Materials

A modern kitchen design makes it much easier to incorporate the best new methods and materials for ensuring maximum sustainability, minimal waste and all with the smallest possible impact on the price and value of the end product.

We are committed to sustainability, and our kitchens and interiors are always made with eco-friendly materials and processes wherever and whenever possible. We strive to be an ecologically sound company with a constant eye on what we can do to look after our planet as much as we look after our clients.

So why wait? Visit our Chelmsford Kitchen Showroom in to see the full range of modern kitchen options and to speak with us to start planning the modern kitchen of your dreams today.

Our team of experienced kitchen designers is here to help you every step of the way, from initial design to final installation and we cannot wait to hear about your project.

Andy Poole Creative Director

Three River Kitchens

01245 690 401


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