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Traditional Shaker Kitchens by Three River Kitchens

Traditional Shaker Kitchens from Three River Kitchens

When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen for you, it can be tough to decide on a style that fits your personal taste and the overall aesthetic of your home but one option that proven evergreen (and ever popular) is the traditional shaker kitchen.

What exactly is a traditional shaker kitchen?

The shaker style originated in the late 18th century taking it’s name from the religious group known as the Shakers. The Shakers were all about simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship, which was reflected in the design of their furniture and cabinetry. Most specifically, they were known for their basic, straightforward approach to door construction with a 5-part (flat-slab recessed panel and 4 part frame around it) door that became synonymous with the Shaker furniture and style.

A traditional shaker kitchen typically features clean lines, with a minimalistic but still traditional design, and a focus on practicality and functionality. The furniture will often be finished in a neutral colour such as white, cream, or grey and calm, straightforward tones and colourways would be used throughout.

One of the key features of a traditional shaker kitchen is the use of natural materials. The Shakers believed in using high-quality, durable materials that would stand the test of time, and this is reflected in the choice of materials traditionally used in a shaker kitchen design. In addition to wood, you might also see natural materials such as wood or granite (or other stones) used for countertops and backsplashes.

If you're considering a traditional shaker kitchen for your home, you'll be pleased to know that Three River Kitchens offers a range of luxurious German-manufactured shaker kitchens from Pronorm and others and we have a great deal of experience working with this very clean, simple and functional design style.

Pronorm is a leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen cabinetry, known for their attention to detail and use of premium materials. Their traditional shaker kitchen styles are no exception, offering the perfect blend of style and functionality and offering us a high level of customizability to tailor the bespoke design to suit your room, your needs and your tastes.

One of the benefits of choosing a kitchen from Three River Kitchens is that we will design your kitchen for you, with a proper designer (not a salesperson) taking the time to create a genuinely bespoke design based on your requirements. You can choose from an almost endless variety of woods, finishes, and hardware, layouts, interior fittings, and ergonomic functionality to create a kitchen that truly reflects your personal style. We also offer a full range of appliances and accessories, so you can complete the look of your kitchen with ease, but also with truly honest and independent advice and guidance on what is going to be best for you and your budget.

Andy Poole Creative Director

Three River Kitchens

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