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Kitchen Design Trends 2023: What's Hot for Essex Kitchens

Designer Essex Kitchen
Kitchen Design Trends 2023: What's Hot for Essex Kitchens

Planning a new kitchen for 2023? Three River Kitchens, the premier kitchen design company in Chelmsford, Essex, provides insights on the top trends to create your dream Essex kitchen.

As leaders in bespoke kitchen design in Essex, Three River Kitchens keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest innovations and style directions. Their exquisite showroom right in Chelmsford displays their flair for timeless design and quality craftsmanship. Read on for Three River Kitchen's picks of what will be hot in Essex kitchens for 2023.

Sustainability First

Sustainable choices remain front and centre in kitchen design. As leaders in quality and sustainability, Three River Kitchens sources all its cabinetry from Pronorm in Germany.

Pronorm aims to reduce resources and energy consumption through initiatives like optimizing production offcuts and converting to electric forklifts. Their sustainability is confirmed by stringent certifications like EMAS and ISO 14001.

All Pronorm products comply with formaldehyde emission standards and use PEFC-certified wood from sustainable forests. Their resource efficiency minimizes waste, while packaging utilizes recycled materials. Additionally, Pronorm values regional procurement with reusable transport packaging. And they invest in their employees through initiatives like job bike leasing and apprenticeship programs. With this commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Pronorm truly lives up to sustainability in all facets. Three River Kitchens is proud to partner with Pronorm to deliver kitchens that are both stunning and eco-conscious for years to come.

Hidden Pantries

Tuck away your stocks and supplies in a hidden pantry or butler's pantry. Three River Kitchens can seamlessly integrate storage solutions to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Customize the pantry to your specific needs - make it a transitional staging area, extra prep space, or general storage. Concealed behind cabinetry, it keeps your kitchen clean and organized.

Statement Lighting

Lighting has moved beyond recessed fixtures to eye-catching centrepieces. Three River Kitchens incorporates lighting as an integral design element. Sculptural pendants make a dramatic style statement while providing ideal task lighting for food prep and indirect cove lighting delivers a soft ambient glow for the full kitchen experience.

Integrated Home Office Areas

With remote work still prevalent, a designated office niche is essential. Three River Kitchens designs can easily accommodate workstations. Built-in office storage keeps clutter out of sight. A versatile breakfast bar tucked into a corner creates a convenient multi-use workspace. Custom cabinetry also allows a home office to disappear at the end of each workday.

Textured Surfaces

Texture delivers visual richness and tactile appeal. Three River Kitchens layers materials like wood, marble, concrete, and metals for depth. Combinations of natural brick, stone, and warm timber add organic cosiness. Concrete, stainless steel and textured cabinets provide sleek modern contrast. This blend of textures creates a dynamic kitchen landscape.

Rounded Islands

The sharp edges of standard islands are giving way to sensuous curves. Three River Kitchens often incorporates rounded islands in their open-plan kitchens. Softer lines promote relaxed socializing and smooth circulation. A curved island may also allow extra seating space for entertaining guests.

Designated Bar Areas

A dedicated bar zone in your kitchen is ideal for entertaining and adds storage. Three River Kitchens masters stylish kitchen bar design. Strategically place the bar to define spaces in open floor plans. Incorporate extra counter space, storage, and seating as needed. The bar instantly becomes the go-to spot for get-togethers.

Pops of Color

While white kitchens remain popular, bold colour accents are making a splash. Three River Kitchens can add lively pops through backsplashes and cabinetry. Vibrant tile behind shelves creates a subtle impact. Painting select cabinets in daring hues inject personality. And colourful open shelving introduces a playful, personalized element.

To bring your dream kitchen to life in 2023, contact Three River Kitchens in Chelmsford, Essex today. Their exceptional bespoke designs masterfully blend style, quality, and individuality. Visit their stunning kitchen showroom to discover the latest trends and innovations. Three River Kitchens 01245 690 401 We look forward to hearing from you.


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